Key Terms

Key Terms

We're here to help, and we want yo to get the most value possible from out system.  To get the most enjoyment and benefits, there are some key terms you'll need to understand.


Song - A song is in our system is simply an MP3.
Playlist - A playlist is a list of songs.  We have Pro Playlists that we create and maintain, and you can create an unlimited number of custom, My Playlists
Music Schedule - The music schedule is simply a weekly view of a calendar that contains the playlists you select to play in your business.
Music Program - The music program contains one or more music schedules.  The music program is what you assign to each location on the Locations tab.


Messages - A message is a pre-recorded MP3 that you upload into our system.
Messages List - A message list is a list messages that you can schedule on a rotation as you please.
Message Schedule - The message schedule is where you select and set the playback frequency of your message or message list.
Message Campaign - The message campaign contains one or more message schedules.  The message campaign is what you assign to each location on the Locations tab.

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