Learning the System

Learning the System

Like when you begin anything new, actually using the UMix system is the best way to learn it.  To help you along the way we offer two tools to help you, our knowledge base (KB) and page tours.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base contains articles that will help you to better understand UMix and therefore get more value.  You're in the Knowledge Base now.

If you're just getting started, we recommend that you:
  1. Begin with the System Overview section.  Read that section completely and refer back as needed.
  2. Proceed to the next section, Managing Music.  We suggest keeping two windows open on your PC, the KB that you are reading and the corresponding page inside your Subscriber Account.
  3. Read all the sections that matter to you, such as music, messaging, digital signage, etc.  
The system is designed to be intuitive and friendly.  We trust that this simple procedure will have you well on your way to using and enjoying UMix to its full potential in no time.

Page Tours

The Page Tour button is found on the top right of every page.  Especially in the beginning, we encourage you to invest a minute to walk through it on each page you use.  A guided tour will take you through the important elements on the page.
Page Tour Button

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