log4j Information

log4j Information

There is a security vulnerability called log4j and we're publishing this article as a placeholder for information intended for customers with questions regarding the log4j vulnerability as it relates to UMix.

  1. UMix does not use Apache servers, and does not use log4j.
  2. UMix Android players use no applications of which we are aware that use log4j.
  3. UMix does use TeamViewer Host on players we ship.  TeamViewer has identified a server side vulnerability, and they have patched it.  They report that no user action is required.  See link below.
  4. Our server-side security product vendor reports no vulnerabilities for the product we use to secure our servers.

Informational Links

Tech Solvency - Overall List of Vulnerability Status of all Sites - https://www.techsolvency.com/story-so-far/cve-2021-44228-log4j-log4shell/
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