Policy for Replacement Players

Policy for Replacement Players

UMix offers a lower price for replacement players on an already active subscriptions.  The Black Box is replacement cost is $44.

  1. The warranty period has simply passed.
  2. The player is still under warranty.  However, the subscriber wants a new system and does not want to troubleshoot the existing system.

The lower price does not apply to newly added locations or locations changing from a Subscriber device to a UMix player.  Clarifications to existing policies
  1. The warranty period is six months year from date of shipment - including any replacement players we ship during the warranty period.  A warranty replacement player does not extend the original warranty period.
  2. Warranty replacement players are shipped at the sole discretion of UMix Support.  We ship warranty replacements only after our technical assessment of each case, because we strive to determine the root cause of any issue.  This avoids replacing a player only to later find the player was fine and there was some other cause.   This may require subscriber assistance because we are not on site.

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