Preserve Your Location's Bandwidth Using Overnight Only Downloads

Preserve Your Location's Bandwidth Using Overnight Only Downloads

CAUTION: UMix suggests you use overnight downloads only if you are certain your Internet bandwidth to the location is not robust enough to handle traffic of 40 MB per hour per zone of music you use. 

Some customers with low available bandwidth don't want MP3s to be downloaded during business hours because of demands by POS or security software.  They want the UMix bandwidth usage confined to a window of their choosing, almost always overnight.  The settings shown below allow customers to accommodate each location's unique requirements.  Once you set the time "window," MP3's will download only inside that period.

Log in and while on the Locations tab, click Settings in the left menu to access the panel shown below.  Then check the box shown.

Overnight MP3 Downloads Check Box

After checking the box, the view changes.

Set your choices. Save Changes saves the settings and they are applied only to newly added locations.  Apply to All Existing Locations applies your choices to all locations already in your account.

Save or Apply to All Now

To access the setting for an individual location, click the gear icon in the Action column on your Locations tab.

Location Internet Settings

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