Program Music

Program Music

Programming music is Step 3 of the process described in How the UMix System Works.
  1. Pick playlists you want to hear (check boxes)
  2. Add playlists to your schedule (drag/drop)
  3. Add a schedule(s) to your Program (drop-down list)
  4. Associate a Program with each location (drop-down list)
The Program gives you the ability to layer music schedules that will change automatically as the year passes.

Christmas Music is a common example.  Let's assume you have already created a music schedule with start and end dates from 12/1 to 12/31.  Just press the "+" icon and select the schedule from your drop-down.  Use the Up/Down arrows in the action column to give it a higher priority than your Weekly Recurring Schedule.  Then on 12/1, your Christmas schedule will automatically begin to play.

Add Music Schedule to a Program

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