Schedule Music

Schedule Music

Scheduling playlists is Step 2 of the process described in How the UMix System Works.
  1. Pick playlists you want to hear (check boxes)
  2. Add playlists to your schedule (drag/drop)
  3. Add a schedule(s) to your Program (drop-down list)
  4. Associate a Program with each location (drop-down list)
The playlists you see on the right side are the ones you checked when you selected playlists with check boxes.  Simply drag the playlist into the weekly view, expand it to meet your desired start and stop times, and use the controls to fill out the week.

You can save the schedule as one of two different types, weekly recurring (goes on forever) or with start and stop dates.  We recommend that all customers have at least one weekly recurring schedule saved.  Additional, seasonal schedules can be created later with start and stop dates.
Example Schedule

Here are some tips
  1. Don't waste songs.  Playlists are large, but not unlimited.  Don't schedule them 24/7 unless your business is open 24/7.  Not wasting songs will reduce repeats heard by employees.
  2. Don't get too detailed.  We see customers create schedules with 25 playlists scheduled for 30 minutes or an hour each.  This does little more than create too much inconsistency.  Morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, are generally all you need for day-parts.
  3. Think in reverse. First think about your customer demographics and then work your way backwards.  Pick music you think your customers might want to hear.  This varies for every business, and is why UMix is gives you the control to do as you wish.
Want to go deeper?  Check out these scheduling hacks.

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