Select Playlists

Select Playlists

Selecting Playlists is Step 1 of the process described in Top View - How UMix Works.
  1. Pick playlists you want to hear (check boxes)
  2. Add playlists to your schedule (drag/drop)
  3. Add a schedule(s) to your Program (drop-down list)
  4. Associate a Program with each location (drop-down list)
It's as simple as checking a box.  To pick playlists you want to schedule (Step 2), simply check the box next to the playlist.  It's the same for out UMix Playlists and for your My Playlists.  The checkbox makes each playlist visible on the right side of the Music Schedule in Step 2.  The max number of  checked playlists is 20.

We offer over 200 Pro Playlists (playlists we created and maintain).  We present them in organized categories to help you zero in on your preferences.

Select Playlists

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