Understanding the UMix Music Player

Understanding the UMix Music Player

The UMix Music Player

The UMix Player - is a piece of software.  It is our unique, proprietary music and message player software that works only with the UMix website and a UMix Subscriber Account.  It's job is simple.  It receives information and content from our servers, including most importantly - your scheduling selections, and follows your playback instructions.  We offer versions for Android, Windows and Kindle.  We install the UMix Player software on players we sell, or you can download and install it on your device.

Each player has a serial number.  It is automatically generated when the player software is installed and can be seen on the Information tab on the player software.  The player's serial number is associated with one and only one "location" in your Subscriber account.  We do not track the hardware serial number found on the outside of the black box.
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