• Not hearing music?
  • Not hearing the songs you expect to hear?
  • Only default songs playing?
  • Only hearing failover songs?
  • Seeing red dots in your connections reports?
We ask that you do not submit a support ticket until after you complete these two things.
  1.  Read the related Page Tour or KB article and understand how the system is expected to work.
  2.  Read this self-help article and use our suggestions.


Easy and fixes most issues

  • Player Power Cycle - Many (not all) issues are resolved quickly using a simple power cycle of the player.  To do it, just pull the power from the player, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in, Wait about a minute to hear music.
  • Router or Switch Power Cycle -  The Router or Switch is the thing the Ethernet cable attaches to from the player.  It's the same as the player power cycle.  If the player is offline, this will help it get an IP address from the router and get back online.

Digging Deeper if Needed

  • Can you confirm that the Internet is working for your location by accessing from another system on the same network as the music player?
  • Does your network require a static IP on the device?  Check with your IT Admin.  If yes, submit a support ticket to UMix.  If no, proceed with the next step.
  • Were there any changes to your corporate network? Please check with your IT staff.
  • Is your Internet connection slow?  You can push all song updates to an overnight window using our Advanced Internet settings.  Press the location name and then More Settings.
  • How long is the Ethernet cable connecting the player to your router? Players require Ethernet runs of 50 feet or less.  If the cable is longer than 50 feet you will either need to reduce it's length or purchase a powered Ethernet switch to place at the end of the run and amplify the signal.
  • Are the Ethernet ports and Ethernet cables in good condition?  If the pins at any connection point are damaged or the Ethernet cable is severely kinked, the damaged item will need to be replaced.
  • If using Wi-Fi, is your device close enough to a Wi-Fi access point to get a stable connection?  If moving the playback device closer to an access point fixes the connectivity issue, you will need to either add an additional access point or keep the device nearer to an existing access point.
  • If using Wi-Fi, are other devices interfering with the signal to your device?  If turning off other nearby Wi-Fi devices fixes the connectivity issue, you'll need to either leave those devices off or move them further away from your UMix player.
  • Firewall requirements: UMix Players use only port 443 and require all traffic allowed to and from


Make sure you have power.
  • Is the system's power on?  Look for a light on the device as a sign the system is getting power.
  • Systems we shipped since November 2021 have a clock on the front.  If the clock shows the correct time, the system is online.  If not, it is likely offline.  Power cycle the player and your router.


Our system logs the playback of every song and message.  Check web site reports tab for the location in question.  There are two ways to get there.  1. Click the Reports tab.  Then click the location name. 2. From home, click the paper icon in the action column for the location of interest.  Then click View for today's date.  You can scroll down.  There's a filter to screen for anything log category you want.   For example, you can use it to filter for Zone A Music.  If logs show music is playing and you still do not hear it, check your audio cable connections and amplifier.


Plug into the correct jack.

Hearing static or nothing at all?  Make sure the audio cable is plugged into the correct jack.  It's small and round and frequently labeled A/V.

Grab some earbuds.

In many cases the problem lies with the physical connections beyond our system, or with the amplifier, while music is in fact playing on the music player.  To confirm that music is not playing, remove the audio cable and insert the earbuds we shipped with your system, or use your own.  Plug the earbuds into the audio jack and listen.


  • Check the volume setting on your amplifier.
  • Check the UMix player volume settings.  You can do this in two places.  In the UMix Player Application, check the volume tab.  At, click the settings in the action column, and then the audio tab.
  • Check the volume on the playback device.  Windows has a volume setting as does Android.  If volume is still an issue and the only thing left to check is the device setting, submit a support ticket.


Check and double-check power, audio and Ethernet cables.
  • Check the power cable.  Is it plugged in to a surge protector?
  • Check the audio cable.  Is it in the proper location on your amplifier, and is the correct selection made on the amplifier for the input port you have chosen for the audio cable?
  • Check the Ethernet cable.  Be sure it is properly connected from the system to the correct place on your router or switch.
  • Click here for a one-sheet about audio connections.  


See exactly what's happening on the player software.
  • If you have our player app in your system, look at the Home tab to see if a song is playing.  If you see a song, the software is playing it (unless you have it paused).  Check your audio cables and amplifier.
  • If you are using a Windows PC, a song will not play unless there is an audio cable plugged in to your system.
  • If you're using hardware you purchased from us, you can see what the software is doing by connecting a monitor using an HDMI cable.  Connect mouse and keyboard with USB if you need to interact with the system.


Make 100% certain that music is scheduled to play at this time.
  • Remember, music plays according to the Music Program that you set for each location.
  • click the magnifying glass next to the Program assigned to the location, and then click the magnifying glass next to the Schedule that includes the current date.
  • Be certain that music is scheduled to play at the present time.


These are backup songs played when your Internet is down, and they may be unfamiliar.  This is caused by Internet Issues.
  • Failover is there by system design to avoid silence if your Internet goes down.  If you are hearing failover songs, then there is a problem reaching our servers over your Internet connection. Check to see if your Internet is working as discussed at the start of this article.
  • If you are using our Advanced Update Control settings, understand that MP3's are blocked until the next allowed window that you had established.

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