UMix Domains and User Portals

UMix Domains and User Portals

UMix Domains and User Portals


  1. - (formerly - which reached sunset in November, 2023) is used for our main, world-facing portal where new and existing customers can find us and access a link to our logon page, which is
  2. - This domain is for our music and digital management system.  It's where users log in to manage locations, music, digital signage and messages.  There we also have a life raft icon on the lower right of every page where you can access support, and a menu link on the left side where you can access billing.


In order to provide Subscribers with the highest possible level of service and best overall experience, UMix operates three distinct customer portals, each at a unique URL.  As we mentioned in the second bullet above, you can easily access our support and billing portals after you log in at  Alternatively, you can go to any of the portals directly using the links as explained below.
  1. Music and Digital Signage Account Administration
  2. Support
  3. Billing and Payments 
By maintaining separate URLs and logins for each function UMix can better provide you with easy, direct access for your unique needs, and users (admin, billing, technical).  This approach best supports our simple objective to serve you with the best systems we possibly can - creating the best experience possible for each user.

1. Music and Digital Signage Account Administration

  1. Purpose - Login here to view and manage all locations, and content playback for Music and Digital Signage.
  2. Access - Every Subscriber has one Admin account who is in complete control of the account.  Admin may add additional users, who have the same access with one exception.  They are not able to add/edit/delete other users.  See here for more information.

2. Support

  1. Purpose - This link is to the home screen for our Knowledge Base (KB) and Support Request system.  Login here to raise any new questions or issues.  You can also see any issues you may have raised using your same email address.  It is the singular channel we provide to open any and all communication - no matter the issue.  It could be billing, technical issue, music question - anything.  Operating this way enables us to respond in a timely, accurate way while maintaining a complete permanent record of all issues to which we, and you may refer back to at any time.
  2. Access - Anyone can access our KB and may add support requests.  A request can be submitted without an account, but we highly recommend you create a user account so you can track all of your history of support items.  No one can remember everything, and being able to see an old request may come in handy.

3. Billing and Payments

  1. Purpose - Provide secure, one-stop easy access to all invoices and payments.  Enable customers to update their billing information.
  2. Access - Every Subscriber Account has an account in our billing system because we create that account.  Additional users may be added.  Just submit a request to UMix Support.

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