UMix Log Reports

UMix Log Reports

Player Log Reports and How They Are Used

UMix collects logs showing activity for every player in every location.  In order for UMix to collect logs, the system must be on line.  Logs are refreshed to our servers every 30 minutes.

Why does the UMix system collect logs?

We collect logs from players for three main reasons.
  1. First, we follow an administrative requirement to monthly report listing every song play to SoundExchange.
  2. Second, logs are helpful to our customers and to us in troubleshooting any performance issues.
  3. Logs list songs and messages played, and customers can refer to that to see any details they want.

How are they collected?

All players automatically connect to our servers every 30 minutes for the purpose of looking for any updates customers apply and to upload logs.  The latest logs are then automatically added to the Subscriber Account, virtually in real time.

Where can I see the log reports?

Log Reports are visible in two places.
  1. Click the Reports tab on the left menu.  That will show a summary report for all your locations.  On that you can click any location for more details.
  2. Click the logs icon in the Action column on the locations page.

How are they helpful to me?

  1. Logs can help you troubleshoot.  Some examples:
    1. If you can't hear music you can check logs to see if songs are listed as playing.  If logs show songs have played, you may have a volume setting problem or an issue with your amplifier.
    2. If logs are missing song plays but they do show evidence of connections to our server, check your music schedule to make certain you have a playlist scheduled to play at that time.
    3. If logs are completely empty, check the solutions article for help with Internet Issues.
  2. You can block songs or artists.  See screenshot below.

Filtering and Searching the Logs

UMix makes it easy to get to the information you need from the player's logs.
  1. The default display shows logs for the date that you clicked on the prior screen.  You can change the date range here.
  2. The filters quickly help you zone in on your log item of interest,
  3. The search box lets you search song title, artist, playlist and log entry.
NOTE: Players deposit new logs to our servers every thirty minutes, provided of course that the player is online.  

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