How to Get Support

How to Get Support

We're here to help when you're stuck.  But before you reach out, we ask that you search this Knowledge Base(KB) and most importantly, follow the solutions section to troubleshoot and eliminate issues on your side.  Most issues get resolved by customers checking that and then implementing simple steps.  If you do that, and still need us, UMix offers two channels through which you can open a support ticket and get the help you need.  We also provide some very helpful tips on how to write a good support ticket.

Life Raft

When you are logged in to your account using  On the lower right of every page there is a life raft.  Click the raft to access our knowledge base for solutions you can implement on your own, or to create a support request.


Support URL

Access our support site directly at  Here you also have access to our knowledge base and to a web form to submit a ticket.  You  do not need to be logged in to submit a ticket.
Do NOT send an email.  That's because in most cases information we require to be of quality assistance is missing when customers send an email.  This is why we offer the easy to use forms above - to get your request off to a good start, and to get you the help you need quickly and efficiently.
UMix does not offer a telephone center to take calls.  If we feel we can resolve an issue more effectively with a live call, we will arrange one based on the content of the support issue.

Our policy is to support our direct customers only.  We do not respond to third parties.
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