How the UMix System Works

How the UMix System Works

What's Required?

For either Music or Digital Signage, the UMix system requires two components:
  • The UMix Player Software - Windows or Android for Music or Digital Signage.  The player is on devices we ship or can be installed on your device.
  • A UMix Subscriber Account at
Those two things work in tandem to bring you the unique UMix experience.
Note: There is no direct control of what plays on the player software itself.  All changes are made through our website and only by verified account users controlled by the Account Administrator.  Therefore, on-site employees cannot change the music on a whim.

1. The Player's Job

Whether you use our software or purchase a player from us, the player's job is to connect to, and follow the instructions in your Subscriber account.  That's it.

2. Your UMix Subscriber Account's Job

This is what puts the "U" in UMix.  Customize as much or as little as you please.  Schedule our playlists; build your own playlists; blend up your own combination; set up day-parts, use multiple schedules, block songs or artists.  Do whatever you want.  There are no rules.

This Is the The Basic Flow for Music In Your Subscriber Account

Learning this flow will help you to understand our system, and most value from it.  Understanding this flow is especially beneficial when you are just getting started with UMix.
Note:  The basic flow for music is the same for messaging and digital signage.  That is by design to make UMix easy to learn and understand.
  1. Pick playlists you want to hear (check boxes)
  2. Add playlists to your schedule (drag/drop)
  3. Add a schedule(s) to your Program (drop-down list)
  4. Associate a Program with each location (drop-down list)
That's it.  After you make any changes on our website, the system organizes your requirements, and then the players will pick them automatically  and play according to your requirements.
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